Deadspin 25: If Nothing Else, Arizona State Will Light It Up On Offense

Welcome to the Deadspin 25, a college football poll that strives to be more democratic and less useless than every other preseason poll. Leading up to the college football season kickoff, we will give you previews of the 25 teams that you, the readers, voted to be most worthy of writing about. Now, No. 22 Arizona… »8/12/15 4:28pm8/12/15 4:28pm


The SEC Really Does Benefit From Media Bias In Polls

This past week, four of the top five teams in the Associated Press College Football Poll hailed from the SEC West Division. Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, among others, wondered aloud whether ESPN's ownership of the brand-new SEC network, which launched this year, might be responsible for such a coincidence. »10/30/14 1:52pm10/30/14 1:52pm

Arizona State's QB Has Most Arizona State Bicep Tattoo Ever: "Live Life To It's Fullest"

This is Brock Osweiler, the 6-foot-8 starting quarterback for Arizona State. He led the Sun Devils to a 37-30 win over Missouri last Friday night, and he played a great game: He completed 24 of 32 passes for 354 yards and three TDs. When it was all over, he raised his arms to the adoring public and revealed his… »9/13/11 8:20pm9/13/11 8:20pm

You Still Get A Nudist Site At A Domain That Now Belongs To Arizona State

A court this week awarded Arizona State the rights to, but the site still redirects to, a NSFW nudist/naturist club site whose home page we have helpfully screen grabbed for you. The naturist club's site's owner has said he had nothing to do with the redirect, which is apparently a… »8/03/11 1:28pm8/03/11 1:28pm

Pac-12 Releases A Highfalutin Hype Video That Arizona State Students Won't Be Able To Understand

We've provided here the full transcription of the purplest and most thesaurus-dependent prose to ever grace a promotional video for a college football conference. College football is back, you guys. Let me rephrase that: college football is back with "an avant garde redesign of the competitive balance." That's… »7/26/11 3:50pm7/26/11 3:50pm

Arizona State's $8.4 million Dennis Dome Destroyed in 45 Minute Storm

Pitchfork Nation brought us our Arizona State preview. Now, they bring us a first hand report of the storm that completely destroyed the brand new indoor practice football practice facility at Arizona State »8/29/08 12:30pm8/29/08 12:30pm. The Dennis dome is pictured above in happier times. When it was still standing. How this will impact the…