Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Returns After Brutal Looking Knee Injury

Arizona sophomore forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson suffered this heinous looking knee injury in the first half of the Sweet Sixteen matchup with Xavier. Hollis-Jefferson limped off the court to the locker room to receive treatment, but rejoined the sideline about five minutes later. Rachel Nichols reported that he… » 3/26/15 11:02pm Thursday 11:02pm

Santa Clara Police Attack Fan At Pac-12 Championship Game

Here is a good example of how to not to police people, as seen at Friday's Pac-12 championship game. According to the video uploader, this confrontation started when the man in white walked down the wrong pathway. The situation then quickly escalated, for no clear reason. A lieutenant from the Santa Clara Police… » 12/07/14 8:22pm 12/07/14 8:22pm

Rich Rodriguez Losing His Mind, In Extreme Slow Motion

Arizona held off the Sun Devils to seize the Territorial Cup and a trip to the Pac-12 championship game today, but a late unsportsmanlike conduct penalty left Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez in an extremely combustible state. » 11/28/14 10:25pm 11/28/14 10:25pm

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Dunks Over 7'6" Mamadou N'Diaye

UC-Irvine's Mamadou N'Diaye is Division I's tallest basketball player at seven feet, six inches tall. Arizona's Rondae Hollis-Jefferson dunked over him tonight. » 11/19/14 10:44pm 11/19/14 10:44pm

#2 Oregon Knocked Off By Pac-12 Officials, Also Arizona

The second-ranked Oregon Ducks fell at home tonight to Arizona 31-24, thanks in part to a ridiculous taunting penalty called at a crucial moment of the game. » 10/03/14 2:02am 10/03/14 2:02am

Did Tucson Police Go Too Far In Putting Down Arizona Riot?

Despite Tucson police praising their handling of an unruly UA crowd following Saturday night's Wildcat loss to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight, its department of internal affairs will investigate video showing one officer violently blindsiding a female student who was reportedly just trying to get out of the area. » 3/31/14 8:53am 3/31/14 8:53am

Cop In Riot Gear Violently Blindsides Girl During Arizona Riots

While police dealt with disorderly Arizona students in Tucson, one video's surfaced of an incident away from the main activity. In the clip, a police officer in riot gear comes out of nowhere to check a girl into a bench, for no clear reason. » 3/31/14 12:45am 3/31/14 12:45am

Arizona Bro Takes So Many Pepper Balls To Chest Before Being Restrained

Police were called in to contain rowdy Arizona students after the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight last night, but all the beanbag shots pepper balls in the world couldn't take one dude down. (For a little while, anyway.) » 3/30/14 1:55pm 3/30/14 1:55pm

Arizona Loses To Wisconsin; Students And Riot Police Face Off

Arizona lost 64-63 in overtime to the Wisconsin Badgers earlier tonight for a spot in the Final Four, and now the campus is kind of a shit show. Riot police were lining up in front of a University boulevard bar more than an hour before the game ended and when it did, things rapidly deteriorated. By the end, students… » 3/30/14 12:36am 3/30/14 12:36am

Cal Ends #1 Arizona's Unbeaten Season With Last-Second Jumper

Justin Cobbs's fadeaway jumper gave Cal an upset for the ages tonight, as the buzzer-beater delivered a Pac-12 win that ended the top-ranked Arizona Wildcats' unbeaten season. » 2/02/14 12:57am 2/02/14 12:57am

Suit: Arizona Coach Sent Dick Pic To Player's Mom

Sean LeBeauf is currently an assistant coach for the University of Arizona women's basketball program, a job he took in May 2013 after leaving his post as the director of athletics and head coach of the women's basketball team at Paris Junior College. According to a complaint filed by one of his former PJC players, he… » 1/03/14 6:23pm 1/03/14 6:23pm

A Three-Man Front Is A Late-Game Defensive Formation For Suckers

The weekend, as I watched the absurd denouement of the Northwestern-Michigan game, something struck me as familiar — beyond the now-routine bumblefuckery that inspires the Wildcats to turn fourth-quarter leads into triple-overtime losses. No, it wasn't simply that Michigan drove in the dregs of game clock to kick the… » 11/20/13 8:09pm 11/20/13 8:09pm

The Arizona Wildcats Celebrated The End Of Camp With A Dance-Off

With camp finally over, Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez let his players show their joy through the power of dance. And dance they did. » 8/24/13 1:40pm 8/24/13 1:40pm

Rich Rodriguez And His Arizona Coaching Staff Play Cowboys In A Saloon

Here is a video featuring Rich Rodriguez and his coaching staff at Arizona dressing up like cowboys in a saloon. It's called "Hard Edge." Also worth noting: they gave it a title. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights. » 6/17/13 8:30pm 6/17/13 8:30pm