Arkansas Wide Receiver Suffers Horrific Injury, Somehow Walks It Off [GRAPHIC]

We’re loath to attribute “toughness” as an unquestioned positive attribute in football players, given it was attached for decades to guys who suffered brain injuries and stayed in games. But is there any other way to describe Jared Cornelius? The Arkansas wide receiver suffered what appears to be a completely broken… »9/19/15 9:07pm9/19/15 9:07pm

Arkansas Bro Tries To Catch Home Run Ball In His Visor

With sixteen meaningful college basketball games on today, it's entirely understandable why someone would want to sit out in the rain watching SEC baseball. This Arkansas bro decided to do exactly that, and when an LSU homer headed his way, the gloveless guy took off his hat to catch the ball. Except he wasn't wearing… »3/19/15 9:10pm3/19/15 9:10pm

Ted Valentine Won't Help Marshall Henderson Off The Court

After baiting Mick Cronin into an even more childish meltdown than he was already having against UConn last weekend, referee Ted Valentine is back on the radar because he refused to help Marshall Henderson up off the court against Arkansas last night. Valentine couldn't help because was too busy calling a foul on… »3/06/14 4:40pm3/06/14 4:40pm

Banner Plane Crashes On Flavet Field Before Florida-Arkansas Game

Around 4:00 pm this afternoon, a plane carrying an advertisement for Geico Insurance McDonald's crashed on an unoccupied car in Flavet Field, an open field at the University of Florida that, from the look of it, serves as a tailgating site for Florida games. The Gators are playing the Arkansas Razorbacks tonight at… »10/05/13 6:09pm10/05/13 6:09pm

Arkansas Recruit Can't Commit Because His Mother Ran Off With His Letter Of Intent

Alex Collins, one of the top RB prospects in the nation, was going to Arkansas. He said as much Monday night, making as official an announcement as one can make before National Signing Day. Well, today's signing day, and Collins was not in attendance at the ceremony—a placard with his name was set up, but removed just… »2/06/13 1:15pm2/06/13 1:15pm

John L. Smith, Who Succeeded Bobby Petrino At Arkansas, Will Spend Next Year Coaching A Terrible DII School For About 8% Of His Old Salary

Arkansas's John L. Smith was one of the more colorful characters of this past college football season. The coach of an awful football team whose location he couldn't quite remember, Smith had very little money in the bank as of September, and negative $40 million as of October. Through it all, Smith was demanding that… »1/19/13 4:30pm1/19/13 4:30pm

Forbes's 2012 List Of The Most Valuable Teams In College Football Reads A Lot Like The 1936 AP Poll

Forbes's latest best guess at the most valuable college football programs is out, and if you're a Texas fan, congratulations: Your slavering devotion to the Death Star of the Big 12 has paid off once again. You're number one! Granted, you're in the "also receiving votes" category in the AP's poll of on-the-field… »12/22/12 3:25pm12/22/12 3:25pm