Jets RB Chris Johnson Arrested For Openly Carrying A Firearm: Reports

Chris Johnson is starting the offseason on the wrong foot, getting arrested in Orlando last night on a misdemeanor weapons charge for "open carrying of weapons/firearms," according to a report from Erika Esola. ESPN has the details of this relatively minor offense: » 1/10/15 2:51pm 1/10/15 2:51pm

Starlin Castro Arrested In DR After Nightclub Shooting [UPDATE]

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has been arrested after a nightclub shooting that left six people injured, according to a report from Dominican newspaper El Caribe. Castro's arrest comes three weeks after his agent said he had been cleared of involvement in a previous Dominican nightclub shooting. » 12/27/14 2:17pm 12/27/14 2:17pm

Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Cracked Jokes In Jail, Asked For A Massage

Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was booked in Frisco County Jail after he allegedly stole cologne and underwear from a Dillard's earlier this month. Watching surveillance footage from the jail, Randle was oddly relaxed about the arrest, making jokes and offering an officer $100 for a massage. » 10/30/14 11:16am 10/30/14 11:16am

Anthony Davis Instagrams St. Louis Cops Arresting Some Guy

49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis didn't suit up for the second week in a row because of a sprained MCL, but that doesn't mean he wasn't involved in any action. While walking off the field after the 49ers win, Davis documented this arrest of a fan who claims that he only wanted to get an autograph. » 10/14/14 12:42am 10/14/14 12:42am

Miami Dolphin Arrested, Tazed For Allegedly "Touching Females" At Club

Miami Dolphins defensive end Derrick Shelby was arrested early Saturday at a Florida nightclub for allegedly causing a disturbance. That's one way to spend a bye week. He resisted nonviolently, according to the police report, and his mugshot shows the police handled it their way. » 10/06/14 1:21pm 10/06/14 1:21pm

Police: UNH Hockey Goalie Spat On Woman, Repeatedly Punched Her

University of New Hampshire hockey goalie Casey DeSmith was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly assaulting a woman. Justin Loring of UNH student paper The New Hampshire talked to Durham police and got more details: » 9/03/14 2:51pm 9/03/14 2:51pm

Ex-NFLer Max Hall Arrested On Suspicion Of Shoplifting, Coke Possession

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and narcotics possession Friday at a Best Buy in Gilbert, Ariz. » 9/02/14 7:30pm 9/02/14 7:30pm

Man Accused of Killing Adrian Peterson's Son Arrested Again

Joseph Robert Patterson was arrested by police in Sioux Falls, S.D. after reportedly kidnapping and attacking the mother of Tyrese Doohen, the two-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson he is accused of having beaten to death last year. He's currently being held on $1 million cash bond. » 6/25/14 10:08pm 6/25/14 10:08pm

Another Owner Is In Trouble. Does The NFL Have A Culture Problem?

Every offseason, a concentrated run of player arrests inevitably results in critics bemoaning the NFL's "culture." They conveniently forget that NFL player arrest rates are well below normal by every metric, and that legal problems aren't confined to those on the field. » 3/17/14 10:31am 3/17/14 10:31am

Former Maine Football Player Jailed In Connection With Double Stabbing

Zedric Joseph, a former UMaine football player, is reportedly being held in a Georgia jail on warrants out for two counts of aggravated assault and one count of murder. » 3/12/14 10:02pm 3/12/14 10:02pm

Youth Hockey Official Arrested For Physically Escorting Player Off Ice

A youth hockey official in Cromwell, Ct. was arrested and charged with breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor for physically escorting a player off of the ice after issuing a penalty. » 3/09/14 5:54pm 3/09/14 5:54pm

Rockies Co-Owner Takes Smiling Happy DUI Mug Shot [Updated]

Charles Monfort, the Colorado Rockies' co-owner and managing general partner, got pinched on suspicion of DUI on Monday in Windsor, Colo. The Denver Post says he was also cited for driving 10 to 19 mph over the speed limit, and that he posted bond and was released yesterday. In a statement issued last night, Monfort… » 11/06/13 12:33pm 11/06/13 12:33pm

Do NFL Front Offices Have A Thug Problem?

It emerged last night that Tom Heckert—Broncos director of pro personnel and former Browns GM—was arrested last month on DUI charges. This comes days after Matt Russell, Denver's director of player personnel, was arrested for his own alleged DUI. Russell crashed into two different cars, one of them a police vehicle. » 7/10/13 10:00am 7/10/13 10:00am

Report: Larry Johnson Assaulted Another Lady And Told A Security Guard…

Larry Johnson now has five arrests on his record for varying degrees of assault against women—that's three more arrests for assaulting women than Johnson had 1000-yard rushing seasons as a player. This time the details are especially gory. Per TMZ: » 10/06/12 11:30am 10/06/12 11:30am

The NFL Had A Record Arrest-Free Streak Going Until Michael Turner's DUI

In Week 1 of the preseason, Chad Johnson was arrested on domestic violence charges. After Monday night's win, Michael Turner was collared for DUI. That's two in a little over a month, and a reasonable person could look at that and say, "boy, NFL players get arrested a lot." Except: the span between those two arrests… » 9/20/12 10:05am 9/20/12 10:05am

J.R. Smith Arrested For Being Black In Miami Beach

Urban Beach Weekend starts today, but the Miami Beach cops were ready to party last night. Even though the police force has absolutely no quotas about how many young, recreation-seeking black people they're supposed to lock up over the holiday weekend, New York Knick/Zhejiang Golden Bull J.R. Smith got arrested on "a… » 5/25/12 11:48am 5/25/12 11:48am

And Here's Another Hockey Player Who Allegedly Threatened His Wife

Nikolay Zherdev, most recently of the Flyers, is in a spot of trouble today back in Russia. According to a report from a Russian newspaper, first brought to our attention by Broad Street Hockey and Crossing Broad, Zherdev was out to breakfast with his wife and friends yesterday when things turned ugly. » 5/19/11 11:35am 5/19/11 11:35am

ESPN: It's "Inappropriate For Us To Comment" On ESPN Analyst Matthew…

According to a story posted on just after 2:30 p.m. eastern today, ESPN the network declined comment on "ESPN analyst and former NHL veteran" Matthew Barnaby spending the night in jail, as mentioned in a morning post here. » 5/14/11 4:45pm 5/14/11 4:45pm

FIU Baseball Phenom Arrested On Rape Charges In Bahamas

2010 ESPY Award nominee, Garrett Wittels, owner of the second-longest hit streak in college baseball, has been arrested along with several of his friends after some shenanigans with teenage girls apparently took a wrong turn. Messy. [Miami Herald] » 12/27/10 3:50pm 12/27/10 3:50pm