Arsenal Fan Idris Elba Loves Laughing At Sorry-Ass Chelsea As Much As We Do

Idris Elba is from London. Thus, he’s an Arsenal fan. Because his team has been cast over the past decade as The Big Engine That Can’t, he’s had to endure repeated humiliations and ridicule at the hands of the Gunners’ rivals. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot with regards to Chelsea’s God-forsaken season, he’s… »11/18/15 5:27pm11/18/15 5:27pm


Can We Get Héctor Bellerín And Nacho Monreal To Commentate All Soccer Games Now?

Bellerín and Monreal are perfect complements here. The younger Spaniard flexes his wit (“I’ve got Peter Crouch’s younger brother next to me...”; “After all the time he [Olivier Giroud] spent doing his hair, I think he deserved it [the goal], didn’t he?”) with his hilarious 70% Cockney, 30% Spanish accent funneled… »11/11/15 11:35am11/11/15 11:35am

Arsenal Might Be The Real Deal

Since that beatdown on Manchester United a couple weeks ago, it’s been hard to avoid the sense that this just might be Arsenal’s year. With Chelsea’s continued horrendous form so far this season, United’s unimpressive performances undermining their point total, Liverpool’s lack of consistency, and Manchester City … »11/02/15 12:44pm11/02/15 12:44pm

Gerard Deulofeu Is Kind Of A Nutcase But I Love Him All The Same

If the whole of Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Everton this weekend left me with any lasting impression, it was that I should give more respect to the Gunners’ budding title charge; they more or less coasted to another three points against formidable opposition, the sort of thing they’ve seemed capable of in recent years but… »10/26/15 5:58pm10/26/15 5:58pm

Arsenal Beat Bayern Munich With Two Of The Scruffiest Goals You'll See

For a while there it looked like Manuel Neuer’s superhero saves would keep a surprisingly dominant Arsenal off the scoresheet. By the end, though, the Gunners wound up sneaking the ball past Neuer twice—not with moments of brilliance, but by bungling the ball over the line by any means necessary.
»10/20/15 6:16pm10/20/15 6:16pm

Manchester United Are (Sort Of) For Real, Apparently

By losing to a surprisingly rampant Arsenal in their previous league game before the international break, Manchester United more or less confirmed our sneaking suspicions about this team’s place in the EPL hierarchy. Their spot in the table may make them technically contenders but there still remains a gap between the… »10/19/15 4:46pm10/19/15 4:46pm

Diego Costa And José Mourinho Are The Shitheads We Need

The more you think about it the more inevitable it seems that José Mourinho—the ne plus ultra of managerial shit-talking, barb-throwing, and incessant needling of rivals—and Diego Costa—his dispositional equivalent on the field, only with elbows substituted for verbal barbs as his projectile of choice—would combine… »9/21/15 4:53pm9/21/15 4:53pm

These Two Petr Čech Saves Are The Best Saves

Arsenal are hosting Liverpool today in the Premier League, and through one half, the Gunners look like complete and utter bullcrap against the visitors. It’s remarkable how many players in Arsenal’s starting XI appear to be betting against their team on the same day. And yet—and yet!— it’s still scoreless at half.… »8/24/15 4:45pm8/24/15 4:45pm

Manchester City Stake Their Claim As The Premier League's Best Team

You wouldn’t exactly describe it as a shock. It was Manchester City, after all. Winners of two of the last four Premier League titles; armed with the best goalscorers in the country; with one of its twistiest, most creative talents; newly infused with the precocious abilities of England’s most promising young prospect »8/17/15 3:20pm8/17/15 3:20pm

The Best Of The Best: Our 2015-16 Premier League Preview, Pt. 3

You’ve made it to the third and final installment of our Premier League preview, and what lies below is a rundown of what we at Deadspin consider the six (6) least bad teams in all of England’s top flight. This thirdish of the league is important because this is where teams are fighting for all-important qualification… »8/07/15 12:29pm8/07/15 12:29pm

José Mourinho Has No Use For This Loser's Medal, Or For Arsène Wenger

Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 today to win their second straight Community Shield, and it appears Chelsea manager José Mourinho has about as much use for the match as the rest of us. Here he is avoiding congratulating rival manager Arsène Wenger and then throwing his second-place medal up into the crowd. »8/02/15 12:55pm8/02/15 12:55pm

José Mourinho Is Shitting On Managers Again, Which Means Soccer's Back!

We’ve seen preseason play and preseason brawls, and now that José Mourinho has broken out the ol’ charcoal grill and laid on a couple thick slabs of Arsène Wenger and Manuel Pellegrini tenderloin, the aroma of preseason beef means the Premier League season is just around the corner. »7/28/15 6:39pm7/28/15 6:39pm