Gonzalo Higuain Signs With Napoli, And Now Arsenal FC Are Screwed

Last week, Italian runners-up Napoli sold their best player, striker Edinson Cavani, to French champions Paris Saint-Germain for €64 million. It was the fifth-highest transfer fee ever for a player, and there were sure to be implications all over Europe as international soccer inched through the summer transfer window… »7/26/13 10:30am7/26/13 10:30am


Middle Eastern Group Preparing $2.25 Billion Bid To Buy Arsenal FC

It's been a rough day/year/decade for Arsenal FC and their fans. The Gunners lost arguably the most important match of their season today to London rivals Tottenham by a score of 2-1, and unless a slew of miraculous things all happen in tandem, Arsenal looks a certainty to finish the season without winning a trophy… »3/03/13 2:34pm3/03/13 2:34pm