Actually, Darrell Green Doesn't Want The Redskins To Change Their Name

On Tuesday, we wrote about how two Washington Redskins legends, Darrell Green and Art Monk, came forward to say the team name was offensive. And of course it's offensive. We know it's racist, and you know it's racist, and most importantly, owner Dan Snyder knows it's racist, because actual Native Americans have come… »7/26/13 12:30am7/26/13 12:30am


Two Redskins Hall Of Famers Say Redskins Nickname Is Offensive

Darrell Green and Art Monk are two of the most storied names from the Washington Redskins' 1980s-early '90s golden era, with five Super Bowl rings between them. Green, known as the NFL's fastest man for much of his career, played 20 seasons in D.C. Monk, at the time he retired, caught more passes than anyone in… »7/23/13 3:27pm7/23/13 3:27pm