Why Is The Country's Largest Auction House Selling A "Ty Cobb Signed" Baseball That Wasn't Made Until 15 Years After Ty Cobb Died?

Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas is currently offering a "miracle ball": a "1959 Exceptional Ty Cobb single signed baseball." (UPDATE, 6:40 EST: They pulled the auction. Screengrab is here.) The auction house listing describes the official Little League ball as, "Perhaps the finest we've ever encountered, this… »3/09/12 6:00pm3/09/12 6:00pm

It Would Be Soooo ABA If The Miami Heat Logo Looked Like This

Any team with a "theme" name is probably going to have a bad logo. That's just how it works. The Miami Heat is no exception. The team's logo is a flaming basketball dropping into a toilet bowl. Crap, I say. Lucky for us, an overly devoted Miami fan (whom I happen to know) took the trouble to search a trademark engine »6/01/11 3:30pm6/01/11 3:30pm