Ghanaian Soccer Star Denies Rumors He Ritually Sacrificed Rapper Friend

In the second confrontation—the first involving kicking the shit out of a journalist for inquiring on the subject—of rumors that Asamoah Gyan had his old friend, the rapper Castro, ritually sacrificed to benefit his career, the Gyan family has released a long statement denying the allegations. » 9/24/14 12:36pm 9/24/14 12:36pm

Reporter Beaten For Asking Soccer Star If He Ritually Sacrificed Rapper

The brother of Asamoah Gyan, Ghana national team captain, has been arrested for allegedly leading a group of men in the brutal beating of a Ghanaian journalist. The reason for the alleged attack? The reporter had asked Gyan about rumors that he had a missing rapper ritually sacrificed. Wait, what?!? » 9/08/14 10:28am 9/08/14 10:28am

Relive The Ghanian PK Miss Over And Over Again

During stoppage time — in overtime, no less — Uruguay's Luis Suarez was left with no choice but to commit a handball violation. Asamoah Gyan, who had made two PKs during the World Cup already, took it. He missed. » 7/02/10 6:00pm 7/02/10 6:00pm