This Woman's Kneecap Is Pretty Sure That Asdrubal Cabrera Hit A Two-Run…

In the eighth inning of the Indians-Red Sox game last night, with the game tied at five runs apiece, Asdrubal Cabrera's hit a line drive to right field that was initially ruled a single. Umpires reviewed the play and called it a homer — Cabrera's second of the night — to give Cleveland a two-run lead. All of the… » 8/02/11 12:00pm 8/02/11 12:00pm

No One Is Going To Cleveland Indians Games

On Friday, Cleveland opened its season on the losing end of a slugfest with the White Sox. Not the worst opening day possible, however much air Fausto Carmona's 3-inning, 10-run performance sucked out of the building—catching stud Carlos Santana went 3 for 5 with a homer. » 4/05/11 8:40pm 4/05/11 8:40pm

Zero To Three In Six Seconds

Somewhere, Neal Ball and Bill Wambsganss are smiling (which is creepy, because they're dead). They finally get to welcome another member into the Cleveland Unassisted Triple Play Club, as Asdrubal Cabrera made the magic happen on Monday night against the Blue Jays. It was the 14th unassisted triple play in major… » 5/13/08 10:40am 5/13/08 10:40am