Kentucky Keeps Perfect Season Alive In Worst Way Possible

Despite trailing Notre Dame numerous times in the second half, Kentucky overcame a below-average offensive night and a stunning performance from Irish forward Zach Auguste to advance to the Final Four and improve their record to 38-0 thanks to two free throws by Andrew Harrison with six seconds remaining, shots that… » 3/28/15 11:07pm Yesterday 11:07pm

Ashley Judd Stole A Kentucky Player's Phone Last Night, Sent…

Did you know that Ashley Judd was a Kentucky superfan? I bet you didn't. It's kept fairly under wraps by everyone involved. So, you may not have known that Ashley was allowed in the locker room following Kentucky's 87-71 thumping in Iowa St. yesterday. Judd was so excited she apparently swiped Terrance Jone's phone… » 3/18/12 3:30pm 3/18/12 3:30pm