All The Racist Jokes You Shouldn't Make About Jeremy Lin, According To The Asian American Journalists Association

If you're part of a minority group, there's a journalism association for you. NABJ, AWSM, SAJA, NAAJA, NAHJ, AMEJA, EAJA, WAJA, the acronyms go on. But Linsanity, with all the casual racism associated with it, is AAJA's time to shine. The Asian American Journalists Association has been all over the coverage of Jeremy… »2/23/12 1:15pm2/23/12 1:15pm

100 Percent Of The NBA's Asian-American Population Now Plays In The D-League

That was quick. Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Jeremy Lin is headed for a stint with the Erie Bayhawks, along with Jerome Jordan. Lin apparent failed to impress the Knicks' front office with his 1.8 PPG in five appearances, and with Baron Davis' return looming, Lin looks like a long shot to return. Oh well, it… »1/17/12 6:40pm1/17/12 6:40pm