Chuck Knoblauch And The Retweeted Ass: A Short, NSFW Story

It began with an email on Wednesday night/early Thursday. Our tipster pointed out that former MLB player Chuck Knoblauch had retweeted a photo of what appeared to be a bare ass on his Twitter. Indeed, there was a naked ass, but it wasn't a particularly compelling story at the time. I screencapped it in case anything… » 5/23/14 2:31am 5/23/14 2:31am

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer... Then Shred It

Be it in practice, on film, inside another man's house, or at an NIT basketball game, Bill Belichick can't help but take notice of some untapped potential. TMZ brings us this transcendent image from Florida's victory in the NIT last night. Clearly Nick Calathes' triple double wasn't the only to impress the Pats coach. » 3/23/08 4:06pm 3/23/08 4:06pm