Minnesota Governor Says Football Players Get Arrested Because They're…

It's hard to understate how shocking Adrian Peterson's arrest is in Minnesota. It's just a misdemeanor, for a weird sole charge of resisting arrest, and the details of the incident sound less than damning, but this is AP. All Day. Purple Jesus. Peterson has never had even a whiff of trouble, and by all accounts is one… » 7/18/12 7:05pm 7/18/12 7:05pm

You The Man Now, Dawg

It's one thing to be arrested, but to be arrested for something called "pedestrian under the influence" and then having your mugshot show off the stylish temporary Bulldog tattoos stuck to your face ("cheek flair") adds another level of humiliation. That's what happened to former Georgia Bulldog and current New York… » 9/30/08 11:00am 9/30/08 11:00am