How Things Work When An Athlete Gets In Trouble

Michigan State CB Chris Rucker got drunk and backed his car into another vehicle. It's the kind of thing that happens all the time, except for the part about the vehicle's owner, an MSU student, pleading with police to let Rucker go. » 10/28/10 3:55pm 10/28/10 3:55pm

Rony Seikaly Partying Too Much For Hot Wife

See that woman right there? Her name is Elsa Benitez, and she's a supermodel. She is also married to former NBA oaf Rony Seikaly. Pretty good, right? Way to go, Rony, yeah? » 7/29/05 1:17pm 7/29/05 1:17pm

Sigh. More Mike Piazza Gay Rumors

Honestly, we never get tired of Mike Piazza gay rumors. No, seriously. We love them. The newest one, as "printed" by our twisted sister Gawker, is that Mets catcher Mike Piazza and local weatherman Sam Champion are building a place together on the Jersey Shore. » 7/28/05 6:01pm 7/28/05 6:01pm

Rosey Grier Knows Your Needlepoint Needs

This is an actual, real book that came out in 1973: Needlepoint For Men, written by former NFL defensive star Rosie Grier. Flickr has all the photos, and look: You can even buy it on Amazon. » 7/28/05 3:34pm 7/28/05 3:34pm

What? Sports Aren't Funny

According to Daily Variety, which we don't have a subscription for, so we're gonna just link to someone else who heard about this, Comedy Central has just filmed a pilot for a sports program based on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." The show would be an half-hour weekly program, and the channel — well, not actually » 7/28/05 9:23am 7/28/05 9:23am

Here Come The Fat Dudes!

The old fat men are returning to the sports world. One would think fat men would be comfortable in their post-sporting life; they could, you know, just sit around and eat. But former Red Sox whale Rich Garces and former Supersonics DNA machine Shawn Kemp are making their way back. Garces, "El Guapo," if you will, has » 7/26/05 11:10am 7/26/05 11:10am

Robinson Boozes It Up At The Wrong Time. Again

We aren't one to talk about public drunkeness, but we still feel obliged to point out that when former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Koren Robinson decided to show up at his one-day jail sentence for a DUI conviction, well, he probably shouldn't have been drunk. Just a thought. The good news: Being currently… » 7/25/05 2:40pm 7/25/05 2:40pm

Players Just Don't Care About Their Balls Anymore

We may have mentioned this before, but back when we were young, untalented, jittery baseball players, we refused to wear a cup. We had a complicated explanation involving positioning and playing catcher, and, in retrospect, it doesn't make much sense. But apparently we're not alone. Slate reports that "kids are just… » 7/22/05 3:44pm 7/22/05 3:44pm

Scrappy Podsednik Upgrading In Lady Department

We've always liked Chicago White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik. He's small, he's scrappy, he plays hard, he steals bases, he likes to get his uniform dirty in the way that fans always like white players to get their uniform dirty. But we always liked his understatedness the most: Nothing flashy, just straight ahead… » 7/08/05 11:55am 7/08/05 11:55am

Cuckolded Red Sox Scuffle

Controversy in Boston is nothing new, even when the Red Sox are coming off a World Series win. Outfielder Johnny Damon and soon-to-be-closer Curt Schilling have been having a minor scuffle, with Damon saying Schilling shouldn't be a closer and Schilling responding with, "Contrary to popular belief, I have done this… » 7/08/05 11:13am 7/08/05 11:13am

We Can't Imagine What She Might Have Been Upset About

It appears O.J. Simpson spent his Independence Day getting beaten up by his ex-girlfriend. (You read that right: O.J. Simpson has had many girlfriends since 1994. That's a pretty lousy background check, if you ask us.) The woman, Christine Prody (who once told the National Enquirer that OJ confessed the murders to her » 7/07/05 11:57am 7/07/05 11:57am

Indians Gay Porn Reliever Sent Down (Again)

A sad day in Cleveland: reliever Kazahito Tadano has been sent down to the minor leagues. Who's Tadano, you ask? Oh, how quickly you forget: Tadano is the Japanese player who had to apologize to his Indians teammates for making a gay porn film back in Japan. (That's him in the screen shot above.) » 7/06/05 11:17am 7/06/05 11:17am

Luis Alicea Will Pee For You

Former St. Louis Cardinals infielder Luis Alicea is now the manager of the Lowell Spinners, the Class A minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Last week, the Spinners were selected for random steroid testing. Alicea says the test wasn't too tough. » 6/28/05 12:26pm 6/28/05 12:26pm

David Beckham No Longer Fantasized About In Prison

Apparently, athlete culture's a little different in England than it is here. Soccer "megastar" David Beckham — also, in England, you don't necessarily have to be all that good at your sport to be the most famous — lamented to the soccer press that he is losing all of his gay fans to rugby star Gavin Henson. You heard… » 6/27/05 11:29am 6/27/05 11:29am