Tanner Glass Postgame Features Buck Naked Pens Player In Background

While Tanner Glass talks about a 2-1 win over the Flames, Kris Letang opens a door behind him and yep, that's a totally naked dude. » 1/12/14 11:05am 1/12/14 11:05am

Does Our Mystery Mets Dong Belong To Ike Davis?

Last night we showed you a sneak peak inside the Mets locker room provided by SNY. Today, an industrious reddit user has taken several context clues and mashed them together with a few inferences and a dash of "sure, I measured the length between my penis and the floor" to come to the conclusion that Ike Davis was… » 6/02/12 8:51pm 6/02/12 8:51pm

Which Mets Player's Dong Did SNY Broadcast After Santana's No-Hitter?…

SNY went justifiably nuts after Johan Santana pitched the Mets' first no-hitter, and the team's flagship network took advantage of the occasion to interview various Mets players about the feat. So here's a clip of their interview with pitcher R.A. Dickey, during which an unidentified dong emerges around the time… » 6/01/12 11:42pm 6/01/12 11:42pm