Football Fan Passes Out, Wakes Up With $900 Uber Bill

An Ole Miss football fan, apparently sorrowfully tired and perhaps a bit blotto after the team's loss to Texas Christian University in the Peach Bowl last week, decided to call Uber, the official car service of Capitalism™, for a ride home from the game. No big deal, except that the game was in Atlanta, and this Ole… »1/05/15 8:58pm1/05/15 8:58pm

Are You Lying About Where You're From? The Real Borders of Your City

Where do you have to be born to say that you're from a given city and not be lying? Back in August, prompted by a New Republic article called "Don't Say You're From the City If You're Really From the 'Burbs," we asked you—Gawker readers—to tell us the real borders of some of America's largest cities. Here are your… »10/06/14 3:41pm10/06/14 3:41pm

ATLien Invasion: Scenes From OutKast's Long-Awaited Atlanta Homecoming

Back in April, when OutKast officially launched their festival-hopping 20th-anniversary reunion tour at Coachella—marking the first time Big Boi and Andre 3000 had performed together in a decade—one city was conspicuous in its absence from the itinerary: Atlanta. For months, the deified rap duo's closest scheduled… »9/30/14 2:16pm9/30/14 2:16pm

Chart: How The Braves' Atlanta Exodus Compares With Other MLB Moves

Earlier today, the Braves announced that they'll be leaving Turner Field in favor of a new stadium in Cobb County, north of Atlanta. The move caught people off guard in part because of Turner Field's age—just 16 years old!—but also because it represents an enormous shift toward suburban baseball on a scale not seen in… »11/11/13 6:17pm11/11/13 6:17pm

Reports: Atlanta Is Up Next For An MLS Team

Local and national reports say MLS is relatively close to an agreement with Falcons owner Arthur Blank to bring an MLS expansion team to Atlanta, one of the five new franchises coming in the next seven years. The two would share the billion-dollar retractable domed stadium—aka, "The Sphincter"—that's scheduled to be… »9/13/13 10:56am9/13/13 10:56am

Joe Barry Carroll Refused To Give Up His Seat To A White Lady, Is Now Suing

Everyone can relax: Joe Barry Carroll is back in our lives. The former all-star (which is a generous descriptor for someone who was nicknamed "Joe Barely Cares") is suing an Atlanta bar for racial discrimination for asking them to give up their seats five years ago. The bar maintains that we live in a nation where we… »9/12/11 8:00pm9/12/11 8:00pm