You Can Still Buy Atlanta Thrashers Season Tickets

Not 15 minutes ago, I called up the Thrashers and inquired about season tickets, of which there are plenty still available. And the nice lady who answered the phone was more than willing to take down my credit card information to put in my deposit. This despite the minor detail that the Thrashers are moving to… » 5/31/11 3:05pm 5/31/11 3:05pm

Don't Cry For Me Philips Arena: Atlanta Burned Again As Thrashers Jet North

Atlanta: heart of the South, birthplace of hockey in the Prairie Provinces. According to a report in The Globe and Mail, the Thrashers have been sold and will move to Winnipeg, with an announcement to be made as early as Tuesday. This is good, and bad, and weird, depending on who you're concerned with. » 5/20/11 11:05am 5/20/11 11:05am

Please Watch Your Footing NHL Fans; We Can't Afford To Lose Any Of You

Here is palatial Scotiabank Place, home of the Ottawa Senators and, unfortunately, the scene of a rather spectacular accident on Wednesday night in the upper deck. As the Sens toiled against the Atlanta Thrashers below, a gentleman was lugging beers to his seat when he stumbled and went a-sailin' clean over the… » 12/04/08 10:00am 12/04/08 10:00am