Reaction By Indy PR People To Their Dumb Super Bowl Shuffle Video Is Dumber Than The Video Itself

Yesterday, we posted the impossibly lame Indy Super Bowl Shuffle video, a barely baked marketing effort by the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association. Betraying a profound ignorance of how the Internet Machine works, the ICVA last night removed the now-viral video from YouTube, where the ICVA had posted it… »12/01/11 3:10pm12/01/11 3:10pm

The Spoof Indy Super Bowl Shuffle Video That Will Scare You Off Indianapolis Forever

Congratulations, Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association. Super Bowl or no, you have guaranteed that I will never intentionally visit your city. I will never spend a dime outside your airport. I will work to prevent everyone I know from having anything to do with Indianapolis. This I promise. It took you … »11/30/11 12:45pm11/30/11 12:45pm