Auburn Website Posts Bio For Top Recruit Who Just Committed To Alabama

Well, this is awkward. Coming into national signing day, Auburn was feeling pretty confident about snagging five-star recruit Rashaan Evans, an outside linebacker who went to high school in Auburn. Evans ended up picking Alabama, and somebody forgot to tell the Auburn athletics department's webmaster about it. » 2/05/14 12:36pm 2/05/14 12:36pm

Auburn Considers Pretending It Won Another Four National Championships

Auburn has two national championships, in 1957 and 2010. But what if we're all wrong? What if Auburn actually has nine national championships in its storied history? All it takes to claim a title is to believe it. » 1/31/14 12:15pm 1/31/14 12:15pm

Alabama Unwittingly Predicts Future Failure

The sign you see here has apparently popped up in the Alabama locker room to serve as both motivation and a reminder to always learn and improve. It's a pretty well-worn sentiment, a sort of weight-room Cliff's Notes of Santayana's condemned-to-repeat-the-past quote. But the message is clear: if you keep doing the same … » 1/13/14 9:03pm 1/13/14 9:03pm

Watch Auburn Fans, Announcers In Slow Meltdown As BCS Title Slips Away

ESPN did an enormous public service last night in offering a video feed trained on fans in Tallahassee and Auburn watching last night's BCS Championship game. Here are some clips of Auburn fans watching their title dreams disappear, matched up with Auburn IMG Sports Network radio announcer Rod Bramblett's solemn… » 1/07/14 1:55pm 1/07/14 1:55pm

Auburn Came This Close To Springing The Final Play For A Winning TD

On the final play of last night's BCS Championship game, Auburn needed to travel 83 yards. That's an almost impossible challenge, but Auburn was the team of miracles during this past regular season—so you might have given them decent odds to pull it off. And they almost did. » 1/07/14 10:15am 1/07/14 10:15am

By Any Rational Measure, FSU Is The Better Team. So What?

College bowl games are far too fleeting and superfluous to serve as the basis for any lasting conclusions, even about the teams playing in them. In fact, if the 2013-14 bowl season has taught us anything–and I'd really prefer that it hasn't, but if it has, in spite of itself–it is that attempting to predict these… » 1/06/14 5:48pm 1/06/14 5:48pm

Poor Mark Ingram Had To Wear Auburn Gear Yesterday

Saints running back Mark Ingram played college ball at Alabama, a team which you may remember losing the Iron Bowl in spectacular fashion to Auburn last week. It looks like Ingram made some kind of bet on the game with one of his teammates, because he showed up to practice yesterday decked out in Auburn gear. » 12/06/13 1:25pm 12/06/13 1:25pm