In A Bizarre Flip Flop, Nick Faldo Changes His Mind On Tiger Woods

Wait, what? Nick Faldo was stomping around The Golf Channel this morning basically calling for Tiger Woods's head. He said that Woods should do the "manly thing" and withdraw from the Masters after he improperly took his drop several feet behind where he originally hit his third shot at the 15th yesterday. »4/13/13 5:07pm4/13/13 5:07pm


How The Masters Theme Song Came To Be: An Interview With The Third Cousin Of Kenny Loggins

On the 14th hole at Augusta, with the breeze blowing through the trees, musician Dave Loggins had his inspiration. It was April 1981, his first trip to the Masters. His friend Ken Chance, an attorney, had scored passes, and they were walking the course. They paused at 14, and lyrics popped into Loggins' head. »4/07/12 9:30am4/07/12 9:30am