Watch Tyson Gay Become The Fastest Person In The World

Tyson Gay beat Usain Bolt today in the 100m at the IAAF Track and Field Diamond League in Stockholm. It was Bolt's first loss in two years. I'm sure the headlines for this will be extremely tasteful. » 8/06/10 6:15pm 8/06/10 6:15pm

Aural Secs: David Ortiz's 30-Second Tater Trot Explained With Music

In honor of David Ortiz's Roger Bannister moment last night, an Aural Secs is in order. Unlike frequent Aural Secs subject Usain Bolt, Ortiz is quite slow, so we're going with the final chord in "A Day In The Life." » 5/25/10 5:45pm 5/25/10 5:45pm

Aural Secs: Usain Bolt's 8.79 Explained With Music

Usain Bolt once again did something ridiculous, this time running an 8.79 anchor leg in the 4x100 at the Penn Relays. And once again, we illustrate how fast this is with a snippet of music. [Yahoo!, music via The Ramones] » 4/26/10 2:30pm 4/26/10 2:30pm

Aural Secs: Bolt's 19.19 Explained With Music

How fast is 19.19? Gawker's Mike Byhoff used Sonic Youth to illustrate the latest record-shattering majesty of Usain Bolt's 200-meter gallop. » 8/20/09 3:31pm 8/20/09 3:31pm