Blake Griffin's Austin Rivers Impression Is So Cold And So Accurate 

Clippers guard Austin Rivers is very bad at basketball. We know this. His father, head coach Doc Rivers, must know this. Blake Griffin definitely knows this. » 3/27/15 1:34pm Friday 1:34pm

The Clippers Keep Doing Dumb Shit

Here is what the backcourt looked like for the Clippers the other day. (All markings are percentiles. Outer percentile is the best in the league. Templates are adjusted by position.) » 1/16/15 4:27pm 1/16/15 4:27pm

For Some Reason, Doc Rivers Thinks Austin Rivers Is The Solution

Basically everyone agrees that the Los Angeles Clippers's biggest weakness is wing defense. To reach it the NBA Finals, the Clippers will have to make it through players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Klay Thompson, and Kawhi Leonard—and that's just in the Western Conference. To stop these wing scorers they will… » 1/15/15 10:50pm 1/15/15 10:50pm

James Harden Shakes Austin Rivers Right Out Of The Arena

The next time this happens, Austin Rivers should probably just accept his fate and hit the ground. Stumbling backwards and then throwing up his hands as if it was someone else's fault that James Harden jellied his legs wasn't really a good look. There's no defensive rotation that can save you in that situation, Austin. » 1/16/14 10:29am 1/16/14 10:29am

Dallas Mavericks Get Away With Yet Another Game-Ending No-Call

The Dallas Mavericks must have made some kind of deal with the devil, because for the second time in as many weeks, they won a close game after getting away with an egregious foul that wasn't called. » 1/13/14 10:43am 1/13/14 10:43am

Rasheed Wallace Yells "Ball Don't Lie" Because Sheed Likes To Yell…

The absolute best conceit in basketball is there is some sort of cosmic justice. If a player makes an undeserved trip to the line on a ticky-tack foul, the telltale ball will betray the shooter. This worked to perfection last night, as Rasheed Wallace—the chattiest player in the game—felt he was done an injustice… » 11/21/12 12:55pm 11/21/12 12:55pm

Duke Basketball Made More Insufferable With Auto-Tuned "Duke Worldwide"…

Midnight Madness took place last weekend. Lots of people do insufferable things during Midnight Madness, and increasingly, they do those insufferable things on camera. This is no longer limited to a drunk sorority girl's iPhone filming from the upper deck, muffled by screams and excited shaking hands, because now… » 10/19/11 4:15pm 10/19/11 4:15pm

Incoming Dukie Wants To Give Himself A Nickname

"Wearing number 0 next year! My nick name is going to be subzero! Cause of number and because my moves freeze people, got ice in my veins!!" Sigh. It just happens so quickly. [@AustinRivers25, Via Ballin' is a Habit] » 6/08/11 4:20pm 6/08/11 4:20pm