Rugby Star’s Surgery After Televised Broken Arm: VERY GROSS

The other day we brought you the above video of Australian former National Rugby League star Ben Ross getting his goddamn arm snapped in half during a televised charity arm wrestling match. When a big and strong man who made his living dominating other big and strong men let’s out a bone-chilling scream, you know… »6/13/15 1:31pm6/13/15 1:31pm

Australian FA Is Salty AF Over World Cup Loss

Yesterday, we beat Australia 3-1 in each nation’s opening match at the Women’s World Cup. (Yes, “we.” Don’t look so modest! We couldn’t have done it without you.) But from reading today’s Football Federation Australia recap of the match, you wouldn’t know we gave them a Coriolis-clockwise swirlie. »6/09/15 4:00pm6/09/15 4:00pm

USWNT Defeat Australia 3-1, But Still Have Room To Improve

The United States Women’s National Team eventually beat Australia by a comfortable two-goal margin, but for 45 minutes Australia looked to be their better, or at least their equal. Saved by a brilliant performance from Megan Rapinoe, the USWNT will have to play much better to win the World Cup. »6/08/15 10:38pm6/08/15 10:38pm

After Years Of Climbing, Have Australia Finally Reached The Mountaintop?

There’s a narrative that national teams understandably try to claim for themselves during World Cup years. That narrative goes something like this: Since our inception, we have slowly climbed the mountain, making slow, sure strides toward the summit. There are hiccups and rockslides and detours and so on, but for a… »6/05/15 2:45pm6/05/15 2:45pm

TV Host To Surfer Live On Air: "Stay The Fuck Away From My Girlfriend"

This happened last week on a music television show in Australia. That fellow who just got finished being interviewed is American surfer Kolohe Andino, who was in town for the Australian Open of surfing. The guy in the studio is named Danny Clayton, and he's here to prove that Australian TV hosts keep things extremely… »2/17/15 11:31am2/17/15 11:31am

Seagull Thrives After Getting Knocked Out During Cricket Match

The Perth Scorchers took on the Melbourne Stars in something called the Big Bash League yesterday, but more interestingly, a Scorchers batter nailed a seagull with a hit. It wasn't quite Randy Johnson demolishing a dove with a fastball—the damn thing didn't explode—but I'm sure it didn't feel good to the poor… »1/21/15 9:28pm1/21/15 9:28pm

Rioting Costumed Fans Halt Australian Darts Competition

The Darts Invitational Challenge in Melbourne, Australia yesterday was interrupted by costumed, drunken fans throwing hundreds of plastic chairs in the seating area. The match between–I kid you not with these nicknames–top-ranked Michael "Might Mike" van Gerwen and home favorite Simon "The Wizard" Whitlock had to be… »1/10/15 1:40pm1/10/15 1:40pm

Korean Legend Dae-Sung Koo Gets An Entertaining Ejection At 45

Pitcher Dae-Sung Koo was only in the MLB for 2005, but he had one memorable highlight that season when he scorched a double off Randy Johnson. (It was a neat moment.) Now 45 and a legend in Korean baseball, Koo pitches for the Australian Baseball League's Sydney Blue Sox, and though Sunday's ejection wasn't as cool as… »11/11/14 12:09pm11/11/14 12:09pm

Rugby League Superstar Quits To Pursue NFL Dream

Jarryd Hayne is one of the very best rugby league players in Australia. He was just awarded the Dally M Medal, given to the "best and fairest" in the Australian National Rugby League, for the second time in his career. The Parramatta Eels fullback is one of the highest paid players in the NRL, making a million dollars… »10/14/14 11:02pm10/14/14 11:02pm