Australian Footballer Requests Time Off For "Family Issues," Attacks Cousin With A Machete

Liam Jurrah became the first person from a remote Central Australain indigenous community to play in the AFL when he was drafted by the Melbourne Demons three years ago. It was there, to the town camp of Little Sisters, that he returned last week, telling team management that he had family and community issues to… »3/09/12 12:30pm3/09/12 12:30pm

This Horrific Leg Injury From An Australian Football Game Will Make You Hate Sports Forever

We trust that you know yourself well enough to fairly judge whether or not you want to see this gruesome clip, especially just before lunch. You might want to wait until after you've had your sub. Or maybe you don't want to watch it at all. It's up to you. What you need to decide for yourself is whether or not you… »5/05/11 12:05pm5/05/11 12:05pm