Aussie Rules Football Coach Killed, Son Held For The Stabbing

Phil Walsh, the head coach of the Australian Football League’s Adelaide Crows, was stabbed to death in his home at around 2:00 a.m. Australian time today. Paramedics and police arrived after somebody in the house (likely Walsh’s wife) called Australia’s version of 911, but they were unable to save him. Walsh’s wife… »7/02/15 9:14pm7/02/15 9:14pm

Aussie Rules Star Hospitalized After Being Knocked Out During Tackle

A head-to-head collision left Nick Riewoldt headed to the hospital in a hit that left the St. Kilda captain knocked out before he even hit the ground. Adelaide Crows defender Brodie Smith needed help getting off the field, too, and failed a concussion test. It’s the second suspected concussions of this Australian… »5/16/15 1:02am5/16/15 1:02am

Model Strips Naked, Fights Cops At Aussie Rules Grand Final [NSFW]

The lady you see above is a Scottish model named Heather McCartney. That's her being escorted out of Saturday's Australian Football League Grand Final, essentially the sport's Super Bowl. She was kicked out of the stadium because, while watching the game from a corporate box, she decided to get super naked. There are… »9/29/14 6:12pm9/29/14 6:12pm

Aussie Rules Football Player Scores Goal, Falls Down In Same Motion

Despite Australian Rules Football being one of our favorite sports here, we don't cover it often because pesky issues like time zones lead to matches being played while most of us are drunk or asleep. That's a shame, because at least two matches a week are aired here live, and they're almost always entertaining. »7/13/13 10:37am7/13/13 10:37am

Australian Football Player Falls To His Death In Las Vegas

John McCarthy, a player for the Australian football club Port Adelaide, fell to his death early Sunday morning in Las Vegas. McCarthy was on an end-of-season trip with the rest of his team when he became separated from the group, according to club officials. Security camera footage shows McCarthy walking into the… »9/11/12 3:00pm9/11/12 3:00pm

Strippers Help Australian Youth Football Team Celebrate A Big Win

The East Brighton Vampires under-16 football team had a big win in the grand finals. Afterwards, the Aussie lads retired for a private party where "Vampires president Greg Wallace confirmed an adult entertainer had been present but was not sanctioned by the club. Alcohol was consumed ... and there was adult… »9/17/11 1:15pm9/17/11 1:15pm

A Seemingly Naked Australian Rules Football Player Got Arrested For Roughing Up A Thai Cop

"Star Gold Coast Suns AFL player Campbell Brown and young teammate Maverick Weller were detained by police in Thailand yesterday. They had allegedly been involved in a fight with a local policeman. ... Pictures obtained from a witness show Brown and Weller handcuffed and seemingly in distress. The witness claimed… »9/15/11 1:00am9/15/11 1:00am