Game Of Thrones And Nutella Ads: How The Super Bowl Looked In Austria

We've barely withheld our admiration for Austria's love of the NFL, and official network PULS4 gave the Super Bowl its full attention on Sunday—complete with lengthy pre-game show, halftime analysis, and, yes, Super Bowl ads. Oh, and they updated that awesome Game of Thrones-themed intro for the game, too. »2/05/14 3:40pm2/05/14 3:40pm

Lindsey Vonn Was Airlifted From The Slope At The World Championships After This Brutal Crash (UPDATE)

Lindsey Vonn, the 28-year-old American skier and Olympic gold medalist, was airlifted from the slope at the World Championships in Austria this morning after a hideous, sudden crash in the Super-G. Her injuries are still unclear, though the AP reports that it appeared to be her right knee. If fellow skier Tina… »2/05/13 10:27am2/05/13 10:27am

Johnny Boychuk's Austrian Team Only Gave Him Red Bull To Drink

As NHL players return to North America—those who aren't claiming asylum to escape the Islanders regime, anyway—they're being set upon by their neglected beat writers, and sharing some strange stories of their sabbaticals. Alex Picard made some new friends in the shower. Ryan Jones was handcuffed and detained at the… »1/08/13 1:35pm1/08/13 1:35pm

The Austrians Might Not Play Soccer Like The French, But They Still Emulate Them

The Austrian soccer team is hosting the Euro 2008 tournament, which gives them a bid in the tournament. The problem is that Austria has lost eight consecutive matches and is pretty much gonna get destroyed. (And by "destroyed," we mean "lose 1-0.") It's inspiring some fans to beg the team to give up. »9/26/07 3:40pm9/26/07 3:40pm