How Those Cheerleader-Eating Mascots Are Helping Kids With Their Autism

Those weird, inflatable mascots that seem to have an insatiable appetite for cheerleaders? Well, their creator is using them to not only entertain us sports-goers but also to assist kids with autism, using the suits to help them work on their social interactions. In a story in this month's Wired, Ben Paynter details… »7/26/12 1:30am7/26/12 1:30am


Ultimate Wrestling Slams Between Staten Island School Deans And Autistic Kids Aren't Cool

Brian Shane is a 15-year-old "highly functioning autistic" boy. The tale-of-the-tape lists him at 5-foot-10, 175 pounds. He gets picked on a lot at South Richmond High in Tottenville, Staten Island. In the last five instances of bullying turned physical, he's 0-5. The sanctioning body School District hasn't stepped… »3/24/11 9:15pm3/24/11 9:15pm