Former Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Autographs Bar Napkin: "Chiefs Suck!!"

A reader named Joe sent this our way. It's an autograph he got on a bar napkin from Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Joe explained what happened in an email. This is that story, unedited. Be warned: There are no heroes here. There's a guy being a dick to Haley, and Haley being a dick right back, and… »9/11/13 4:55pm9/11/13 4:55pm

A&M Chancellor Blasts Darren Rovell, Declares Johnny Manziel Innocent

Big-time college football! Where a university system chancellor can be indistinguishable from a Paul Finebaum caller. Administrator John Sharp sent out a bizarre screed that decried the biased and untrustworthy media, and declared Johnny Manziel innocent of all the allegations against him, before admitting he hadn't… »8/23/13 9:24am8/23/13 9:24am

Cam Newton Is Charging For Autographs. The Horror!

If you're getting ready to judge an athlete for something they said or did, take a breath. Are you outraged because their actions were morally indefensible? Or are you outraged because a columnist says you should be outraged? Because it's a columnist's job to read the paper and find something to get outraged about.… »7/13/12 11:30am7/13/12 11:30am

Charles "Peanut" Tillman Scornfully Responds To Local Teacher's Anti-Bears Math Homework

The Bears' Pro Bowl corner Charles Tillman was promoting his Cornerstone Foundation in a suburban Chicago runner's shop, when he was approached by a teenaged girl. She was the daughter of the store's owner, and she was just killing time doing her math homework, when she came across a problem she thought he'd be… »6/15/12 10:15am6/15/12 10:15am

Why Is The Country's Largest Auction House Selling A "Ty Cobb Signed" Baseball That Wasn't Made Until 15 Years After Ty Cobb Died?

Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas is currently offering a "miracle ball": a "1959 Exceptional Ty Cobb single signed baseball." (UPDATE, 6:40 EST: They pulled the auction. Screengrab is here.) The auction house listing describes the official Little League ball as, "Perhaps the finest we've ever encountered, this… »3/09/12 6:00pm3/09/12 6:00pm

What's Really Special About This Picture Is That Chipper Jones May Have Signed A 7-Inch Sperm Replica

The first weekend of baseball season wouldn't be complete without an "Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones Sperm Autograph" available to the highest bidder. As of 11 a.m., there were zero takers on the starting bid of $1. Fine, it's not authenticated, but this is still shocking when you consider that there's a "Chipper Jones… »4/03/11 4:30pm4/03/11 4:30pm