Golf Fan Wrecks Motorized Wheelchair Into Tree At Byron Nelson Classic

Some poor old man wrecked his Rascal into a tree today at the HP Byron Nelson Championship, and we can't stop laughing about it because it was all captured live on Golf Channel and we are horrible people. » 5/15/14 4:34pm 5/15/14 4:34pm

Comcast SportsNet's White Sox Intro Video Is One Of The Worst Things…

Most discerning baseball fans go out of their way to avoid local broadcasts of the Chicago White Sox. After all, that's where you find Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, and to voluntarily listen to Hawk is to willingly subject yourself to the threat of severe brain damage. Seriously, you'd be better off huffing Chinese diesel… » 4/01/13 5:30pm 4/01/13 5:30pm

Turkish Woman Decapitated In Go-Kart Crash [UPDATE]

Gruesome story out of Turkey: A 24-year-old woman was beheaded today at a go-kart track in Adapazarı, about two hours east of Istanbul, when the cart she was riding in crashed into a safety barrier. According to witnesses, the woman's seat belt cut off her head during the crash's impact: » 2/07/13 12:30pm 2/07/13 12:30pm