UFC Fighter Justin "The Viking" Wren Went To Eastern Congo And All The Kids Loved His Arm Hair

This video is a few months old, but it's making the internet rounds today, and it is adorable enough that we're going to share it with you. Justin "The Viking" Wren, a former UFC fighter and a graduate of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, is also a Christian "advocate." Here he is on a mission trip (possibly from… »2/27/13 11:15am2/27/13 11:15am

Tree-Poisoner Harvey Updyke Is "Meaner Than Anyone In The World," Writes Little Girl

The trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner: not doing so hot. "Aesthetically dead if not actually dead," the university said last week. (Still, they might be doing better than Harvey Updyke, who is living in his car in the woods as he awaits trial.) The oaks received a massive pruning earlier this month, in yet another… »8/22/12 12:10pm8/22/12 12:10pm

Six-Year-Old Sends Brandon Jacobs $3.36 To Stay With The Giants

Brandon Jacobs is not what you would call a great running back. But that doesn't matter when you're six years old, and you attach yourself to a player for the least rational of reasons. Maybe young Joe saw Brandon Jacobs score a single touchdown on a particularly formative viewing day. Maybe Joe's parents bought him a… »6/06/12 2:50pm6/06/12 2:50pm

Feeling Goodell: Who Hugged The NFL Commissioner Longest At Last Night's Draft?

NFL commissioner and disciplinary hardass Roger Goodell has ushered in the Draft Day Hug Era, eschewing the usual handshake photo-ops in favor of giving in to those players who want to give him the bro treatment. Goodell has embraced the embrace to such an extent that it's become the norm. Every player in attendance… »4/27/12 4:10pm4/27/12 4:10pm

Missouri Western Footballers Save Baby's Life, Doom Baby To Life Of Missouri Western Fandom

With 17-month-old Liam Snook accidentally locked inside a hot car, vomiting and starting to pass out, it fell on two Missouri Western State D-backs who were just passing by to rescue the kid. They broke the window, got him out, and gave the family tickets to a game. Parents, please heed this warning: if you must… »9/06/11 5:10pm9/06/11 5:10pm