Who Hugged The NFL Commissioner Longest At Last Night's Draft?

We don't know if, as a child, Roger Goodell dreamed of one day being best known for embracing enormous men and then, later, taking money from them. The Draft Day Hug Era is at its peak, and like last year, we decided to find out who hugged the NFL commissioner longest. » 4/26/13 1:30pm 4/26/13 1:30pm

"Change This Face. Be Happy. Enjoy!" Says Ricky Rubio To A Bummed Out…

Man, why can't we live in a world where Ricky Rubio magically appears whenever we're having a bad day and tells us to turn our frowns upside down? Spilled coffee on your new shirt? Poof! There's Ricky reminding you that sea otters hold hands when they sleep next to each other so they don't float away. Totally blew… » 3/01/13 9:43am 3/01/13 9:43am