Appetite For Destruction At 25: One Horny Young Boy's Recollection

The first kid in my middle school to discover Appetite for Destruction was a big football player named Si. Everyone in my class was terrified of Si because Si was the only kid in our grade who had gotten pubes. You walked into the shower and in the crowd of hairless penises was this big kid with a mohawk and a black… »7/19/12 7:00pm7/19/12 7:00pm

Teenage Axl Rose Has A Mug Shot That, It Seems To Me, Reminds Me Of Childhood Memories

A few years ago, John Jeremiah Sullivan wrote a feature for GQ that was either a profile of Axl Rose as seen through the prism of Indiana or a profile of Indiana as seen through the prism of Axl Rose. In any case, it was great. The mug shot here is one of two Sullivan wheedled out of the Lafayette police department —… »10/18/10 8:30pm10/18/10 8:30pm