Ian Poulter's War On Baba Booey Has Begun

Earlier this month, Ian Poulter blasted spectators who yell out "Baba Booey" and "mashed potatoes" and the like during players' backswings, calling them "bellends" and expressing a desire to "tazer every muppet who shouts out something stupid." Golf fans naturally took this as a challenge. » 8/23/13 4:40pm 8/23/13 4:40pm

Ian Poulter Currently "Winding People Up," Trolling Howard Stern

Ian Poulter had a rough go of it at the PGA Championship—not as rough as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson did, but bad enough that he was well out of contention on Sunday. This has allowed him ample time to air out fans who yell things at golf tournaments, and get a response from Howard Stern. » 8/11/13 5:20pm 8/11/13 5:20pm