The Called Shot Heard Round The World

Excerpted from From Black Sox to Three-Peats: A Century of Chicago's Best Sports Writing (University of Chicago Press), edited by Ron Rapoport and featuring stories from the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Daily News, and the Chicago Defender, among other papers. It's an excellent collection, and… » 9/16/13 4:44pm 9/16/13 4:44pm

Babe Ruth In The Funny Papers

My father turned 36 in 1973. My twin sister and I were 2 and for his birthday my mother gave him a book called Great Comics, a collection of classic comic strips syndicated by the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune. It featured Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy, Moon Mullins, Winnie Winkle, Gasoline Alley,… » 8/16/13 10:59am 8/16/13 10:59am

Cancer Sucks. RIP, Babe

When most of us think of Babe Ruth, if we think of him at all, we think of the booze-liking, pussy-loving, dinger-slamming manchild with the Mr. Incredible physique (massive upper body perched atop those incongruously skinny, even dainty little legs). But after all these years, and all the stories that have accrued… » 8/07/13 3:39pm 8/07/13 3:39pm

D-Backs Reliever Attempts To Buy Baseball Card, Gets In Testy Spat…

You probably remember Brad Ziegler as the submarine-style reliever who pitched 39 consecutive scoreless innings to begin his rookie season with the Oakland A's. But what you probably don't know about Ziegler, who pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks now, is that he is an avid baseball card collector. We only became… » 3/12/13 1:40pm 3/12/13 1:40pm

David Wells Is Selling The Signed Babe Ruth Yankee Hat He Once Wore In…

David Wells says he's not in any financial trouble, he's just tired of keeping track of all the various bits of memorabilia he owns. Among the artifacts he's getting rid of is the signed Babe Ruth Yankee hat he wore in the first inning of a game on June 28, 1997 at the house his hat's previous owner built. » 4/29/12 10:30am 4/29/12 10:30am

The Messy History Of Charlie Sheen's "Winning" Ring

As part of his relentless media odyssey this week, Charlie Sheen introduced himself to Twitter with a message that had a Chappelle-esque, "Kiss the rings, bitches" quality to it. It was an image of Sheen's shimmering 1927 World Series ring that was once worn by another winner with an equally insatiable appetite for… » 3/04/11 12:45pm 3/04/11 12:45pm