Nice Russian Men Bring A Message Of Love To France—But Not In The Gay Way

Through either the power of ABBA or the threat of their team’s expulsion, some Russian fans have taken to heart the need for them to stop kicking the shit out of rival supporters, and instead commune with their soccer-loving brethren. Take the above picture Sky reporter Paul Kelso snapped with some older Russian…


UEFA Promises To Boot Russia From Euros Upon Next Incident Of In-Stadium Fan Violence

Even if more than a couple bigwigs in Russian sport don’t, UEFA apparently does take seriously the problems that Russian hooligans have caused so far in this Euro 2016 tournament—namely, of course, the problem of them beating the life out of dozens of English fans. Today, UEFA announced stiff penalties for the Russian…

Rivalry Match In Brazil Ends In Massive Brawl, Sending 5 Fans To Hospital

The gruesome stomping out you see above was just one instance of fan violence that occurred during this weekend’s CSA vs. CRB rivalry match. After the game ended 0-1 in favor of CRB, which won them the local state championship at stake, dozens of opposing fans streamed onto the pitch and started fighting:

Soccer Fans Toss Big-Ass Firecracker At Player, Who Hurls Corner Flag At Them In Return

IFK Göteborg were set to host Malmö for a regularly scheduled, 90-minute Swedish league match yesterday. But towards the end of the game, some fans threw a huge firecracker at Malmö’s Tobias Sana, and Sana returned the favor by firing one of the corner flags javelin-like in the fans’ direction, and the rest match was…


Some Soccer Fans In Spain Rushed The Pitch And Stabbed A Player In The Heart

Stories about violence during soccer matches are becoming so routine that they don’t really need much in the way of a lead-in. Alhaurín de la Torre’s 24-year-old forward Samuel G.P. played an away match for the club’s B-team on Sunday. At the end of it, some fans stormed the field and apparently tried to kill him.

Roman Politicians Outraged Over Video Of Supposed Soccer Fan Peeing On Homeless Woman

What was already a bad week for asshole soccer fans in Europe got worse yesterday, after video that appears to show a group of men—allegedly Sparta Prague fans in town for their team’s Europa League match against Lazio—tormenting and abusing a homeless woman, with one even urinating on her.

Shitty Dutch Soccer Fans Throw Coins At Spanish Beggars And Laugh

PSV and their fans are in Madrid today ahead of their Champions League clash with Atlético. Apparently not sufficiently entertained by their food, drinks, and conversations in the Plaza Mayor, the visiting Dutchmen decided to have some fun at the expense of some beggars by chucking coins onto the ground and laughing…