Australian Basketball Fan Pours Beer On Marcus Thornton, Acts Like Nothing Happened

Celtics draft pick Marcus Thornton, not to be confused with Houston Rockets guard Marcus Thornton, dove for a loose ball and slid into a barrier during today’s NBL game between the Illawarra Hawks and Sydney Kings. As the Kings player got up, a fan in the stands sprinkled beer on his head. The bearded man did not… »Wednesday 11:25am11/25/15 11:25am


Why Did Turkish Soccer Fans Boo During A Moment Of Silence For The Paris Attacks?

As with many of yesterday’s international soccer matches, Turkey-Greece began with a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. Things quickly went off the rails, when the home Turkish fans interrupted the silence with boos and chants. But it might not be as simple as… »11/18/15 3:58pm11/18/15 3:58pm

These Letters To The Editor Of The Columbus Dispatch Defending J.T. Barrett Are Hilarious

Last weekend, Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was arrested in Columbus after he tried to avoid a DUI checkpoint near campus. He is underage, and reportedly blew a 0.099 into a breathalyzer, yet he was only charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Naturally, Buckeyes fans have flocked to defend him, and… »11/08/15 2:00pm11/08/15 2:00pm

Raiders Owner Mark Davis Cheered By Fans He Wants To Abandon Or Steal From

The NFL held its third and final town hall meeting on relocation last night. After giving fans in San Diego and St. Louis a chance to vent and make a case for why their football teams shouldn’t be relocated to Los Angeles, a group of NFL execs trudged into the Paramount Theater in Oakland to hear it from Raiders fans.… »10/30/15 9:07am10/30/15 9:07am

Black Dynamo Kiev Fans Attacked By Other Dynamo Kiev Fans

The Guardian has a pretty disturbing report from Ukraine, where Dynamo Kiev and Chelsea drew 0-0 yesterday in Champions League action. According to the paper, UEFA is investigating attacks in the stands on four black Dynamo Kiev supporters, suffered at the hands of their fellow home fans. In an attempt to restore a… »10/21/15 8:56pm10/21/15 8:56pm

Jeremy Guthrie Was On The Lookout For Beer-Tossing Jays Fans

The umpires needed a replay review to figure out that Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar was hit by a pitch during the second inning of last night’s Royals-Blue Jays game, and Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie immediately thought of what happened the last time the Jays’ home crowd saw their team get screwed by replay: »10/21/15 12:26pm10/21/15 12:26pm