Soccer Team Kicks Opponent's Ass In Game; Fans Literally Kick Opponent's Ass After It

You might’ve thought that fans of Bella Vista would’ve been content to merely bask in the glory of their team’s title-winning victory against Tiro Federal in one of Argentina’s lower divisions, but this is soccer and Argentina. What was the final whistle for the match itself was the starting sound for the…


UEFA Promises To Boot Russia From Euros Upon Next Incident Of In-Stadium Fan Violence

Even if more than a couple bigwigs in Russian sport don’t, UEFA apparently does take seriously the problems that Russian hooligans have caused so far in this Euro 2016 tournament—namely, of course, the problem of them beating the life out of dozens of English fans. Today, UEFA announced stiff penalties for the Russian…


Soccer Fans Toss Big-Ass Firecracker At Player, Who Hurls Corner Flag At Them In Return

IFK Göteborg were set to host Malmö for a regularly scheduled, 90-minute Swedish league match yesterday. But towards the end of the game, some fans threw a huge firecracker at Malmö’s Tobias Sana, and Sana returned the favor by firing one of the corner flags javelin-like in the fans’ direction, and the rest match was…

Some Soccer Fans In Spain Rushed The Pitch And Stabbed A Player In The Heart

Stories about violence during soccer matches are becoming so routine that they don’t really need much in the way of a lead-in. Alhaurín de la Torre’s 24-year-old forward Samuel G.P. played an away match for the club’s B-team on Sunday. At the end of it, some fans stormed the field and apparently tried to kill him.