After I Self-Destruct: The Diminishing Skills Of 50 Cent

The first words out of 50 Cent's mouth on Animal Ambition, his first new album in five years, are "I woke up this morning, this is insane / Rich as a motherfucker and ain't much changed / Open my eyes, no surprise, I'm with a different bitch / Different day, different ass, different tits." The misogyny might sting,… »6/06/14 1:19pm6/06/14 1:19pm


In Attempting To Throw Tonight's Rangers First Pitch, Gary Sinise Showed Lieutenant Dan Has No Arm, Either

Gary Sinise was on hand before today's A's-Rangers game from Arlington to toss out the game's first pitch and promote his veterans' charities. Unfortunately, the CSI:NY star's throw suffered from The Big Bounce though it was, eventually, corralled at home plate. [FSSW] »5/16/12 9:45pm5/16/12 9:45pm