Fired Junior Hockey Coaches Rehired After Entire Team Quits In Protest

Parents of youth athletes are notorious for carping about how little playing time precious Madison and Hunter are receiving, complaining to the coach and yelling from the stands. But rarely does a parent own the team their kid plays on, and even more rarely do they fire the entire coaching staff to get them more run.… »11/09/15 8:37pm11/09/15 8:37pm


Youth Football League Cancels Season Due To Violent Threats Against Officials

A youth football league in Mt. Pleasant, Penn., has cancelled its season in the wake of continued violent threats against league officials. The decision to cancel the season was made yesterday, after someone left a box full of ammunition shells with the names of league officers written on them at a local field. »10/14/15 11:23am10/14/15 11:23am

Witnesses: Mitch Williams Called Child "A Pussy," Ordered Beanball

The fallout continues from MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams's meltdown at a Ripken Baseball youth tournament this past weekend, as parents and coaches tell Deadspin that "The Wild Thing" called one child "a pussy" while ordering one of his own 10-year-old players to hit the opposing pitcher with a beanball. »5/16/14 2:15pm5/16/14 2:15pm