NRA Secretly Backs Group Aiming To Save Elephants Now, Kill Them Later

A couple of weeks ago, a group called the Elephant Protection Association (EPA) sent an email to a Maryland woman with elephant-hugging tendencies after she'd registered for membership online. There was an important measure coming before the General Assembly in Annapolis, HB713, which would restrict the sale of… »3/03/15 5:55pm3/03/15 5:55pm


Can Lanny Davis Use Sports to Make People Stop Despising Lanny Davis?

Public-relations sewer pipe Lanny Davis is having a little moment. Fresh off his urging of mean and vicious NFL owner Daniel Snyder to be less abrasive about his refusal to change his team's racist name, the "crisis manager" has joined the list of people helping Alex Rodriguez in the drug-linked slugger's battle with… »10/22/13 4:44pm10/22/13 4:44pm

Some Jackass Scammed At Least 25 Schools Out Of Thousands Of Dollars With The Promise Of NFL Players

If there's one thing kids are into these days, it's bullying each other. It would be nice if they would stop, but they won't listen to parents or teachers. It's scientifically proven that the only people kids will listen to are NFL players, preferably at a special schoolwide assembly. So when public school districts… »10/27/11 2:10pm10/27/11 2:10pm