Washington State Football Refs Punished For Using Pink Whistles

The Washington Officials Association is punishing 143 football referees in the Pacific Northwest Football Officials Association (PNFOA) for wearing pink whistles to support breast cancer awareness and for donating their game checks to the cause. The PNFOA, which had been warned that the plan would break uniform code,… »5/18/11 1:50pm5/18/11 1:50pm


HS Baseball Coach Cuts Double-Amputee Pitcher; Quickly Becomes Worst Human Ever

This young man is Anthony Burruto, a sophomore at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando and an aspiring pitcher. Burruto was born without a shinbone in his left leg and without a fibula in his right, and doctors amputated his lower legs when he was just a baby. He's been playing baseball since he was 8 years old,… »2/10/11 12:35pm2/10/11 12:35pm