UVA Scores Three Last Week, Doubles It Right Here

UVA struggled to get any kind of offense going last week and lost 14-3 to Pitt. This week, against Ball State, it's an offensive smorgasbord—they currently lead 17-10 just inside the second quarter—including this diving and tumbling effort at the end of a 27-yard run from quarterback David Watford. He was initially… » 10/05/13 1:12pm 10/05/13 1:12pm

Report: Ball State Players Caught Trying To Shoplift "Male Enhancement…

It has not been a good day for Ball State defensive end Jonathan Newsome, seen here during happier times in 2009, after securing a trip to the Rose Bowl as a member of Ohio State. Newsome transferred to Ball State last year and was ready to join the team after sitting out his redshirt season. Except, well, he was… » 8/23/12 9:20pm 8/23/12 9:20pm

Deadspin I-Team: Is The "Boom Goes The Dynamite" Guy Joining The Army?

His name is Brian Collins. He is the unfortunate soul above that we have come to know and love. First, he was a student sportscaster at Ball State University. Then, he worked at a television station in Waco, Texas, and eventually Alexandria, Minnesota. We thought the last chapter in his story was this display of… » 11/05/11 2:00pm 11/05/11 2:00pm