NFL Says Marky Mark Is Full Of Shit, And Roger Goodell Never Called Him To Complain About Ballers

When former Funky Bunch boss Marky Mark claimed to Mike & Mike that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had contacted him personally to lodge complaints about HBO’s Ballers, we called bullshit. Not only is Goodell too busy with more important things to bother with that kind of task, but even if he weren’t he’d call someone…


Marky Mark Claims Roger Goodell Personally Called Him To Complain About Ballers [UPDATE]

Yeah. Can you feel it baby? Thus start the lyrics to Marky Mark’s 1991 and only hit “Good Vibrations,” but if the former Funky Bunch leader is to be believed Roger Goodell’s answer is “No. I am not feeling it,” if the inquiry is in regard to HBO’s series Ballers, of which the retired rapper is an executive producer.

Ballers Shows Us How Boring (And Lethal) The NFL Really Is

That the season premiere of Ballers, HBO’s new semi-comedy about life in and around the NFL planetary system, turns out so predictably says something about how joyless those involved with professional football truly believe it to be. The show has the bones of a slogging 60-minute drama cut down to 30, which puts a…