Baltimore Cops Have Found A New Enemy: Dirt-Bikers

On North Avenue in the Station North Arts district—a midpoint between East and West Baltimore—a wall is affixed with a wheatpaste image of legendary dirt-biker Wheelie Wayne popping his namesake alongside the words, “Pick up a bike, put down a gun.” It’s popular slogan among the 12 O’Clock Boys, a black dirt-bike crew… »9/10/15 3:55pm9/10/15 3:55pm


As Black Churches Burn, Feds Close In on Suspect in CVS Arson 

Right now, there’s a federal manhunt for the man who burned a Baltimore CVS. After two months of prolonged public investigation, the ATF has finally fingered the man responsible: one Raymon Carter, age 24, black, five-foot-eight, 180 pounds. He’s probably “fit the description” for a decade now—but now, the description… »7/01/15 6:29pm7/01/15 6:29pm

Baltimore Cops On Why They Took Over, And Why They're Now Gone

There are no more cops in riot gear in Baltimore, but the severe shift in their presence —from armored cops policing peaceful protests to their laidback distance during the high homicide count this month— can’t help but feel like a silent counter-threat to some citizens of West Baltimore. The end of May marks the… »5/29/15 4:57pm5/29/15 4:57pm

Baltimore Cop: We're Hungry And Getting Shorted On Overtime Pay

By declaring an official state of emergency in Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake meant to bolster the Baltimore City Police Department. But with the National Guard and thousands of law-enforcement officials from around the mid-Atlantic region on the scene, one of the local cops says the force feels attention… »4/29/15 3:21pm4/29/15 3:21pm

The Orioles Need To Reschedule Every Game This Week

There was little question that last night’s Orioles game would have to be canceled. As Baltimore’s protests edged into violence and fire, commissioner Rob Manfred, already at Camden Yards for a previously scheduled meeting, met with team, stadium, and city officials, and made the call: baseball wasn’t possible. It… »4/28/15 9:10am4/28/15 9:10am

Orioles Fans Stuck In Stadium After Mayor & Cops Ask Them Not To Leave

Fans at tonight’s extra-inning thriller between the Red Sox and Orioles may end up staying at the ballpark even longer than ten (probably) innings of gameplay. That’s because Baltimore’s mayor and the city police department have asked fans to remain inside the ballpark indefinitely as they deal with thousands of… »4/25/15 9:59pm4/25/15 9:59pm

Baltimore Is One Step Closer to Being a Zero-Newspaper Town

It's not even possible to get mad at the Baltimore Sun now. The Baltimore Sun is a nursing home where newspapering goes to die, or to sink into terminal urine-soaked frailty and confusion. Yesterday it announced it had received the commitment papers for City Paper, the city's alternative weekly, b. 1977 – d. TK But… »2/21/14 3:36pm2/21/14 3:36pm