Sports Radio Caller Gets Robbed While Rapping On Air

Will in Baltimore was working the graveyard shift at 7-11 last night, and decided to call into Damon Amendolara's CBS Sports radio show to commiserate about the Orioles dropping a third straight game to the Royals in the ALCS. He then decided to bust out a lil' rap song for the listeners ... and then he got robbed. » 10/15/14 10:06am 10/15/14 10:06am

Baltimore Is One Step Closer to Being a Zero-Newspaper Town

It's not even possible to get mad at the Baltimore Sun now. The Baltimore Sun is a nursing home where newspapering goes to die, or to sink into terminal urine-soaked frailty and confusion. Yesterday it announced it had received the commitment papers for City Paper, the city's alternative weekly, b. 1977 – d. TK But… » 2/21/14 3:36pm 2/21/14 3:36pm

No One Notices The Spurs Because No One Notices San Antonio

Here's a working barstool-grade theory as to why, during its dynastic run to four (perhaps soon five) titles since 1999, America still embraces the San Antonio Spurs with a yawn and a why are you still here? squint. This phenomenon has flustered if not baffled sports cognoscenti for years. But they play pure,… » 6/08/13 4:11pm 6/08/13 4:11pm

For Once, Baseball Has The NFL By The Short Hairs

It's the rare occasion that MLB has any leverage over the NFL, the most powerful non-Illuminati organization in America. So with the Ravens and Roger Goodell begging, pleading, and cajoling the Orioles to move a September game so the Ravens can open up at home, it's hard to blame Peter Angelos and Bud Selig for just… » 3/19/13 3:22pm 3/19/13 3:22pm

Ravens Parade Enjoyed By All, Minus The Stabbing And Trampling

The rest of the country was taken aback by the spirit shown by Baltimore, as an estimated 200,000 people thronged downtown for the Ravens championship parade on Tuesday. Also taken by surprise: city and team officials, who were woefully unprepared for the sheer number of people who showed up—especially the… » 2/08/13 10:25am 2/08/13 10:25am

The Mayor Of Denver Has To Do The Ray Lewis Dance Now

Mayors of rival cities make cities make light-hearted bets on the outcome of sporting events all the time. Just yesterday the Packers-49ers game had chocolates, cheese curds, sparkling wine, "a free admission day to the Children's Museum" and bread, beer, more chocolates and a "a free admission day at the… » 1/13/13 3:40pm 1/13/13 3:40pm

Ravens Rookie Breaks Up Knife Fight At Five Guys Burgers, West Coasters…

Tandon Doss is just a rookie, so he's still learning about Baltimore. His first lesson: the only two reasons to go to the Inner Harbor are the Aquarium and the chance to watch brawls at the many many chain restaurants (I saw a guy get shanked at the Cheesecake Factory once). Doss wasn't there for the dolphin show: » 8/26/11 11:20am 8/26/11 11:20am