A judge has sided with the Orioles and against MLB and the Nationals in their ongoing dispute over t

A judge has sided with the Orioles and against MLB and the Nationals in their ongoing dispute over the percentage of TV rights fees that go to Washington. The judge urged the parties to go to truly independent arbitration, but in the meantime it will cost the Nats tens of millions of dollars a year. »11/04/15 3:15pm11/04/15 3:15pm


The Empty Orioles Game Was Fine, But It Could've Used More Swearing

The thump of the glove and the crack of the bat were audible in today’s White Sox-Orioles game with no attendance, but the lack of fans allowed new sounds, too: the rattling of the foul ball bouncing around the empty seats, the cheers and applause of teammates, the movement of phlegm as someone cleared their throat. »4/29/15 4:25pm4/29/15 4:25pm

The Orioles Need To Reschedule Every Game This Week

There was little question that last night’s Orioles game would have to be canceled. As Baltimore’s protests edged into violence and fire, commissioner Rob Manfred, already at Camden Yards for a previously scheduled meeting, met with team, stadium, and city officials, and made the call: baseball wasn’t possible. It… »4/28/15 9:10am4/28/15 9:10am

Baltimore Orioles Exec Offers Eloquent Defense Of Freddie Gray Protests

Over the weekend, Baltimore citizens gathered to protest the death of Freddie Gray, who was arrested by Baltimore police weeks ago and mysteriously died of a broken neck while in custody. On Sunday, the peaceful protest turned and chaotic, and there were instances of vandalism in the area surrounding Camden Yards, … »4/27/15 1:35pm4/27/15 1:35pm

Orioles Fans Stuck In Stadium After Mayor & Cops Ask Them Not To Leave

Fans at tonight’s extra-inning thriller between the Red Sox and Orioles may end up staying at the ballpark even longer than ten (probably) innings of gameplay. That’s because Baltimore’s mayor and the city police department have asked fans to remain inside the ballpark indefinitely as they deal with thousands of… »4/25/15 9:59pm4/25/15 9:59pm

Report: Orioles Considered Forfeiting To Avoid Playing On Toronto's Turf

The Blue Jays’ new artificial turf is spongy and slow as hell, and nobody disputes the fact that it has affected gameplay early in the season. A lot of visiting teams are going to be unhappy about playing on a surface that makes the ball do unfamiliar things, and according to the Baltimore Sun’s Eduardo Encina, the… »4/24/15 4:33pm4/24/15 4:33pm