Racist Dutch Soccer Fans Throw Inflatable Banana At Black Player (Update)

Feyenoord fans continue to expose themselves as douche bags of the highest order. First it was trashing Rome before the first leg of their Europa League tie against Roma, then it was threatening further shenanigans ahead of the return leg, and now they've gone ahead and gotten racist. »2/26/15 4:19pm2/26/15 4:19pm


"We Are All Monkeys": Soccer's Banana-Fueled Racism Protest

Yesterday, Barcelona's Brazilian defender Dani Alves was the target of a banana thrown from the stands at Villareal. Rather than ignore it or protest to the officials, the two most common reactions from players to this depressingly common occurrence, Alves did something cheeky and brilliant. He peeled the banana and… »4/28/14 11:53am4/28/14 11:53am

A Confusing NHL Racial Controversy Gets Muddier, As Banana Reference Nets A One-Game Suspension

We thought this one was going to be cut-and-dried. We thought Krys Barch said something hateful and racist and unacceptable to P.K. Subban, and the NHL would come down with all its disciplinary might to show that there's no place for racism in hockey, and then we'd all move on. Naturally, nothing's that easy. »1/05/12 3:10pm1/05/12 3:10pm

A Strictly Business-Like Examination Of The Women's French Open Contenders And Their Respective Tawdry Photos

For those of you out there who are fans of yellow fuzzy balls bouncing off of clay courts, the French Open at Roland Garros begins this weekend. This is the favorite surface of Rafael Nadal and his exposed biceps, but those types of examinations can be found elsewhere online. »5/23/08 1:45pm5/23/08 1:45pm