Finally, Batman Meets USC With "Bane Kiffin"

You guys! I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, so I totally get all the memes now. Here's a series with promise: Lane Kiffin, rocking the facegear, saying Laney/Baney things. [Bane Kiffin] » 8/16/12 11:05am 8/16/12 11:05am

Bruce Wanes. The Dark Knight Rises, Reviewed.

1. The first two Batman films from director Christopher Nolan were so transcendent, so ambitious and challenging and grand, that The Dark Knight Rises feels like more of a disappointment than it should. The first two movies, especially The Dark Knight, were miracles, an impossible combination of universal themes,… » 7/18/12 1:45pm 7/18/12 1:45pm