Time For 2008 SHOTY Nominations

The time has come, ladies and gentlefolk. (We're actually starting a little bit late.) The 2008 Sportshuman Of The Year awards are about to grace you with their presence, and, as always » 11/18/08 6:30pm 11/18/08 6:30pm, we need your nominations over here. This is the third annual SHOTY tournament. The first winner , and the second one . So it's quite …

Deadspin HOF Nominee: Barbaro

One SHOTY winner » 8/22/08 3:00pm 8/22/08 3:00pm looks like he's gonna make it into the Hall this year. The other is up for an unprecedented third time. Is this the year? Can't a dead horse catch a break? Honestly, if he doesn't make it this year, I plan on putting him up for nomination as long as the site exists anyway. Why not? Don't we kind of…

Dee Mirich Says Goodbye To Our Editor In Her Own Special Way

She doesn't actually mention him by name, but we know that prolific Internet horse poet Dee Mirich has been touched in a profound way by Will's imminent departure. Just read between the lines of her latest poem and you'll find a stirring tribute to Will, Deadspin, and of course Grade II Peter Pan Stakes winner Casino… » 6/25/08 3:30pm 6/25/08 3:30pm

Prepare Thyself For Impending Debut Of Barbaro's Brother. Oy

Just because you have a famous brother doesn't mean that you will approach the heights of greatness yourself, as anyone who has seen a Daniel Baldwin movie will readily attest. We've previously written about Barbaro's younger brother, of course, but now the horse — named Nicanor — is ready to make his racing debut.… » 5/14/08 6:30pm 5/14/08 6:30pm

Dee Mirich Cranks Out The Classic Of All Classics

Many of us have wondered why prolific message board poet Dee Mirich has remained silent on the tragic Eight Belles Kentucky Derby accident. After all, when Barbaro fell, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting one of her offerings. But now all is clear: Ms. Mirich had been working feverishly on her magnum opus; a … » 5/12/08 12:35pm 5/12/08 12:35pm

It's Getting Crowded In Horse Valhalla

Eight Belles is probably in Heaven by now, galloping in fields of clover on four sturdy legs and eating tasty apples. No, I'm not sure which friends she's romping about with up there (a safe bet; one of them is not Christopher Reeve). Down here on earth, though, things are quite unsettled. Who is to blame? Could the… » 5/05/08 11:10am 5/05/08 11:10am