Watch All 234 Goals Leo Messi Scored To Break The Barcelona Record

It's sometimes easy to forget how good Leo Messi is. He performs extraordinary feats with such regularity they seem routine. Messi scores. Again. Messi dribbles through five defenders and scores. Again. Messi dribbles through five defenders, is hacked mercilessly, refuses to go down, dances around an onrushing… »3/21/12 1:40pm3/21/12 1:40pm


Lionel Messi Is The First To Ever Score Five Goals In A Champions League Match

Barcelona made easy work of Leverkusen in the return leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 series, winning 7-1 (10-2 aggregate)—but it was another night to celebrate Lionel Messi, who became the first player to ever score five goals in one Champions League match and the 11th in the history of top-level… »3/07/12 5:25pm3/07/12 5:25pm

Lionel Messi Smacks The Ball At Real Madrid Fans But Doesn’t Mean It. Honest.

Lionel Messi has always been seen as the exception to the rule that to be a proper good footballer you needed to be a bit of a 'orrible git. You needed to like head-butting people (Zidane), make well-late tackles (Scholes), be outrageously arrogant (CR7), shag prozzies (Wayne), or just do loads of drugs (Maradona).… »4/18/11 2:35pm4/18/11 2:35pm