LeBron, Irving, Garnett, Others Wear "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirts

If you don't like serious cultural issues "intruding" into the sports world, it's going to be another tough week for you. The Cavaliers are playing against the Nets in Brooklyn tonight, and the Barclays Center has become a hub of protest against police brutality, especially the killing by a NYPD cop of Staten Island… »12/08/14 9:40pm12/08/14 9:40pm

Inside The Barclays Center's Mysterious Meditation Room

In exchange for giving Forest City Ratner more than $300 million in public subsidies to build the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn (and that's not counting additional tax breaks and below-market land), the developer promised to give back to the community, including affordable housing, and new railyards. Precisely… »3/21/14 11:41am3/21/14 11:41am

The New York Islanders May Be Rebranding, Because Brooklyn

The Islanders will soon be calling Brooklyn's Barclays Center their home, and the geographical change may also be accompanied by an aesthetic one. Sources tell the New York Post that the team's sports marketing team is weighing the adoption of a new color scheme, and that they are already showing prospective designs… »4/30/13 1:58pm4/30/13 1:58pm

For Just $255, This Could Be Your View Of The Knicks-Nets Season Opener At The Barclays Center

Picture courtesy of A View From My Seat, which lets users upload photos of the sightlines at various arenas. If the $255 tickets selling on StubHub for section 225 (pictured above) strike you as a bit steep, why not move slightly to the left, over to the cozy confines of section 226, and pay only $231? »10/27/12 7:35pm10/27/12 7:35pm

Boxers Are Allowed To Choose Whether To Fight Opponents Who Have Failed Multiple Drug Tests, And One Chose Correctly Last Night

During the run-up to his fight against Danny Garcia at the Barclays Center Saturday night, Erik Morales failed two consecutive drug tests, testing positive for clenbuterol, the PED that got Alberto Contador stripped of the 2010 Tour de France title. He then passed a drug test on Friday night, meaning that he hadn't… »10/21/12 1:15pm10/21/12 1:15pm

The Same Firm That Designed The Nets' Rusty Spaceship In Brooklyn Will Make A Soccer Stadium In Queens

The old maxim says that you can't determine the quality and endurance of a sports arena until Jay-Z has played at least six of eight consecutive concerts there. With that requirement satisfied and the Barclays Arena yet to crumble into a pile of orange-brown dust, MLS felt comfortable asking Barclays Center-designers… »10/05/12 10:24am10/05/12 10:24am

New Nets Arena Will Sell "Brooklyn Water" That's Made In Florida

"Made," obviously, getting scare quotes because it's water. In fact, let's use some more scare quotes. The Barclays Center, as part of its stated goal to use local vendors and products, will sell "Brooklyn Water" that's bottled in Florida but "Brooklynized," then shipped to Brooklyn. Where the Nets will play… »3/19/12 4:05pm3/19/12 4:05pm