Reconstructing The Most Exciting Day In The History Of Soccer (And Maybe Sports, Period)

The final day of the 2011 MLB regular season enchanted us with its insanity; its events became a video game montage and inspired its own tag here on Deadspin. That day, however, only determined which teams would gain entry to the playoffs. By comparison, Sunday's final day of the English Premier League was Game… » 5/16/12 4:36pm 5/16/12 4:36pm

Emile Heskey's Elbow Thoroughly Mangled Johan Djourou's Nose

Today's Arsenal-Aston Villa match from Ashburton Grove got off to a violent start as Gunners defender Johan Djourou took Emile Heskey's elbow straight to the beak—though Djourou was as much responsible for propelling his face into Heskey as much as anything. Despite spending several minutes down on the pitch, he… » 3/24/12 12:40pm 3/24/12 12:40pm